What is Inclusive Growth?

In June this year, EDAS launched its Inclusive Growth Community of Practice to bring together practitioners working in economic development, to identify and share good practice in delivering growth that is inclusive.

As part of the Community of Practice, we want to invite practitioners to share in the conversation about inclusive growth. We will be using this website to share information, ideas and case studies about inclusive growth, and to stimulate conversation about what this concept really means for practitioners in Scotland.

We want to kick-off the conversation by asking the question, what do we talk about, when we talk about Inclusive Growth?

Over the coming months we will be sharing reports and articles that try to answer this question. You can find these in the ‘Further Reading: What is Inclusive Growth?’ tab on the right-hand column of our homepage.

We are also keen to hear from practitioners as to what inclusive growth means to you.So please do join in the conversation by adding your comments on the things we post, and letting us know what you talk about, when you talk about inclusive growth.

We are looking forward to the conversation.

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