Rethinking the purpose of the Corporation

In this opinion piece for the Financial Times, Martin Wolf considers the claims that ‘all is not well with the corporation’.

He outlines the argument that in seeking to maximise shareholder profit, corporations serve the interests of those least committed to them and suggests that ‘capitalism is substantially broken’.

Is he correct, and if so, how can we rethink the purpose of the corporation?

In our third Community of Practice event, to be held in March, we will consider how different business models are trying to address this challenge.

Further details on this event and how to register will be posted in the new year.

One thought on “Rethinking the purpose of the Corporation

  1. Brian Mcleish

    This is set to be a prominent debate in 2019. The FT Life and Arts supplement the weekend past (5 Jan) featured a long read by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson on “Beyond the bottom line” about the crumbling of the shareholder-primacy orthodoxy. It cites a new book by Oxford’s Colin Mayer “Prosperity”, which I am looking forward to reading.


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