Understanding Inclusive Growth

What is Inclusive Growth? Use our key facts resource sheet to get started, including the Scottish Context, OECD definitions and views from practitioners.

Inclusive Growth Fact Sheet

Case Study Template

As part of our efforts to build an Inclusive Growth Community of Practice, we are inviting practitioners to share case studies exemplifying the delivery of inclusive growth objectives at all levels – local, regional and national; from small projects to large. The aim of these case studies is to give practitioners a chance to share examples of good practice and of lessons learned in the delivery of inclusive growth.

You can read the case studies that have been shared so far here 

If you would like to share your own case study, you can download our case study template below and return this by email to

Case Study Template (Word document)

Host Your Own Inclusive Growth Roundtable Discussions

In October 2018 we hosted our first Inclusive Growth Community of Practice event on the topic of Inclusive Growth in Practice. The aim of this event was to move beyond definitions and take a look at how efforts to deliver inclusive growth in Scotland are working in practice. In December 2018 we hosted our second event, Local and Regional Inclusive Growth, which aimed to look more closely at how inclusive growth could be facilitated at the local and regional levels.

As part of these event we heard from expert speakers, each of whom presented on specific work being done, in Scotland and elsewhere, to advance inclusive growth objectives. A summary of these presentations with links to the slides can be viewed here (Event One) and here (Event Two).

At each event, following the presentations, we facilitated small, roundtable discussions with event participants. The aim of these sessions was to take the examples presented by the speakers and to consider the lessons that could be learnt from them. For instance, we were keen to discuss whether the examples being shared might be applied in a useful way in different settings. We were also keen to hear from participants about any problems they envisaged with this, and to hear their thoughts on additional ways of delivering inclusive growth objectives.

The discussion sessions proved very fruitful, and we would now like to encourage practitioners interested in delivering inclusive growth to host and participate in similar discussions sessions within their organisations. To facilitate this, we have created a set of Host Your Own Discussion resource sheets, with suggested discussion questions for each of the topics we have held events on so far.

You can download these resource sheets below. Should you wish to feed a summary of the discussions that take place within your organisation, we would love to share these on our Community of Practice blog, so please send these to

Host Your Own Discussion – Inclusive Growth in Practice

Host Your Own Discussion – Local and Regional Inclusive Growth